My role on this project: Designer & Illustrator

What tools have I used?: Illustrator

Client: Personal Project for my profile on Dribbble. Have a look at the project here.

Why?: I had been invited for being part of this community. This was my first shot on Dribbble and there is a rule when you get an invitation on Dribbble: you have to say hello to all the members through a design. As your debut, you can design whatever you want.

In my case, I decided to make a city illustration as my way of saying «hello everybody». When I started scheduling the illustration, I had the Dribbble logo and the word ‘hello’ in my mind. That is why they are in the middle of the canvas. This illustration was made when I was focusing on designing building illustrations. In this case, I tried to mix three different kinds of residential buildings with a range of textures and materials: bricks, windows, blinds, etc. At the same time, the option of using pastel colours was based on trying to recreate an old effect like the pictures took during the 70’s.


You can watch the shot on Dribbble on the following link: Hello Dribbble!

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My debut on Dribbble

This is my first shot on Dribbble. You can watch it on the following link:

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    • Illustrator
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